I like playing at poetry, as well as a writer (well, yet to publish I might add). In school, I used to write lots of poetry for my classmates to read (who didn’t) and I must confess I’ve been dabbling in it from time to time, well just to test the pulse. So on this blog I will be posting Random Reflections From The Heart

And so, without much ado, and as the title of my post suggests, here we go with the first reflections: (Mind you, the postings will be random)


What changed it all?
I keep asking myself;
Over and over again;
Yet no answers;
You use to call me
All the names,
My Darling;
In the tenderest of voices,
The deep affection in your voice
Tingling to the ears;
You used to say it all;
The endearments
Sexy Kitten,
My Love,
My One and Only,
It was a joy
Your desire
Through deep sonorous voice;
And for us two
Every word,
Every action spoke volumes;
For they were from the depth
Of our hearts
Without doubt abiding words
Flowing to the heavens,
Summing the totality of our desire
And love.
What changed it all?
The hurts?
The disappointments?
The infidelities?
Or Growing up?
Marriage was to be the ultimate
A blending of souls:
For the man
Shall leave his mother and father
And shall become
One flesh with the woman;
The words stopped,
The endearments stopped;
Words, now like daggers
Hurtling back and forth
In accusatory concerto;
Piercing two souls,
Whose love had once soared;
The children, lovely tykes really;
They keep us whole and sane;
Binding us together
In an ever zigzagging dance;
Of love;
And hate;
And bitterness;
And still the hurts,
The anguish,
The lonely nights,
The cold bed;
The unfulfilled desires;
with bursts of shaky intimacy
Mistaken for love;
Alas! Dare I wish;
Nay hope;
To hear those words again?
Pregnant with maturity;
Deep understanding;
Whispering, that after the allure
And fleeting sensuousness
Of female thighs;
Words now laden
With meaning pure and true.
This is my beloved,
In whom I am well pleased.
(C) Celestine Nudanu