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In this world, you sometimes come across people who for no apparent reason than that it is part of their makeup or it is their nature to love their fellow human beings, go out of their way to make you feel special and appreciated. One such person is Nana Awere Damoah of Tales from Different Tails fame. The way I keep ranting about this fine gentleman, one would think I had some hidden agenda or motive. No such thoughts, except that I’m so impressed with his love for people and his open nature.

See, when I reviewed his book mentioned above, I hardly knew the guy and hadn’t set eyes on him before, but we became fast friends after that and he was always on hand to give me ‘small small ‘ advice here and there on blogging. Then he went out of his way to help me set up my blog, nay virtually, set the whole thing for me and I had to put the finishing touches to it. Mind you , all these time I didn’t know what he looked like.

And then he walked into my office at IPS, Accra, only yesterday, well after he had promised to do so. My excitement reached fever pitch, to have another fellow blogger visiting me. (after the visit by Kinna of Kinna Reads) And I must admit that he is handsome, tall and very well-built and so courteous, a true gentleman. Don’t get me wrong, he is very happily married, and so am I by the way. I’m just describing him and the fact that somehow, I had just assumed that he would be short or stocky and well, not what I saw, though how I came by that assumption I can’t explain, not through his writings, I can assure you which I find so insightful and up-lifting (ref to Excursions in my MInd)

We had a good time talking about blogging and writing in general and he introduced me to the People of Equal Thoughts and Spirits (POETS), as the name and acronym suggests, lovers of poetry.  All in all I enjoyed Nana’s visit very much and I say thanks, ‘barima ye na.’