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Whispers of the dawn
Sprays its dew
On a waking world
Whispers of the morn
Softly Kiss the soul
Saying, sighing Peace
Perfect Peace.
Men and women moan
In an orbit of pain
Children and babes cry
In a confused light
That is neither bright
Nor is dark and dim
Yet all around
The moaning winds feel
The soothing touch
That is sweet, sweet Peace
My Peace I bring to you
To do the world good
Claim It for your soul
Feel it in your hearts
As a balm, an elixir
Let it sink into your being
Making the dying
Into the  living
And as the heavens opens
For a gaze at my splendour
Marvel, yes feast,
Your  thirsty souls
On my Peace, Perfect Peace
(c) Celestine Nudanu