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The Coconut Tree
From Fanteland long ago
A cry of a baby was heard
A girl or a boy
Does it matter, asked the father?
Ah, you know our people
A boy is a human being
A girl is well, a girl.
But do I want a boy
But you have boys already
Ah, but I want a girl
To be a woman
Have you forgotten Papa Aggrey?
Oh no, then so shall it be
A girl, a girl baby, a girl child, a girl woman
To educate the whole nation.
And so it was
Ama Ata Aidoo, my lady born on Saturday.
A twin, whose twin left for the land of our people;
Aidoo, the name of our father.
To school, then to learn the ways of the world;
And the Knowledge of our People
What! Does she have such brains?
Brains suitable in a man
Ebei, my people, brains in a girl child is a gift from the gods
Go to Abrewa and ask her
To Wesley Girls then
What! Such excellence! Such brilliance
To Legon then, that symbol of the best in education
Aha, is it not enough? Must she not settle down?
Ah, my people, why must you cut down the Coconut Tree
To prevent it from fruiting?
And so, the Coconut Tree must bloom,
Reach out and soar above the skies
The Fruit ready, ripe and full
To nourish the living and the dead
But wait! Ama Ata, they say the brains of a woman
Should not be more than a man
Oh no! Should I compete with my Brothers
Nephews, Fathers, Uncles and Husbands?
 It is only that the Coconut tree must nourish
And so, daughter of our land, write on
For the Fruit of the Coconut tree
Must nourish
And fill the thirst
With the coolness
And fullness
Of the Fruit of the Coconut Tree
(C) Celestine Nudanu