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Love Gone Stale
Can you ever forgive me,
For all the wrongs 
When I knew no better
In loving you.
Can you ever forgive me
For all the sultry nights,
When you cried yourself to sleep,
The cheerless winds,
Allowing you not a wink,
As you flung yourself helplessly
On the bed,
Searching for hope
In the dying embers of despair?
Will you ever forgive me
For owning your heart
Only to drop it among the thorns
Uncaring, unfeeling
The sharp stings piercing you
In a thousand places?  
Will you ever forgive me
For lying to you
When my hand in the can
A new woman owns my heart
Making yours redundant?
Will you ever forgive me
For the torture of your soul
As it cried out in desperation
Calling out to me
Reaching out to me
Through a distance so wide
Pieces of shattered hearts,
Pieces of broken pottery
I have failed you
A love gone stale
(C) Celestine Nudanu
29th March 2012