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This 100 words story is inspired by Madison Woods’ Blog, http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com which hosts the Flash Fiction, The Friday Fictioneers. The Friday Fictioneers  use 100-word stories as an exercise in choosing concise phrases and strong verbs. It’s an excellent way to show your stuff to the world without exposing too much. It would be nice to visit to or to join in this creative fun. And so, though I am late, better late than never. Here is my short story:

The Broken Earthenware

She stood silently by the trees, gazing at the river.  She tried to shake off the memories, of that terrible night when her world had shattered into pieces, like her grandmother’s broken earthenware. It had not been her fault that day long ago, but she could still feel the disappointment in her grandmother’s words; “this is a family piece, precious, Nina. What would I tell my ancestors?”

What would she tell her ancestors now? That her only daughter had drowned in this river, fleeing from her attacker, a husband and father? She felt bereft of words for such a story.