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Welcome to my second 100 words post on the Friday Fictioneers based on the photograph below, which is a prompt from Madison Woods. Hop over to her blog for more exciting reads.  After commenting on my blog, kindly post a link to yours so I can hop over and peruse your story.  Enjoy yourself:


A dash across the lawn
On a sun-kissed morn
Its shimmer so silver
The radiance evokes my fever
A dash across to the bridge
On feet of gossamer wings
My flight in my haste
To my love and fate
In flight across the bridge
Yearning for my love
He waits amongst the lilies
Ready my body to devour
Kiss me, my lips so fresh
Like dew on the earth
Needing to feel your breath
Caressing me in mirth
Under the tunnel we meet
We kiss, we feel, on heat
We dance, a naked dance
Free, cries my heart at last.
(C) Celestine Nudanu