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Flashback on April

April! Hmm, quite an interesting and busy month for me, I should say, in terms of new activities, but somewhat lack-lustre in terms of reviews.

Friday Fictioneers. I joined Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers, writing a 100 words short story every Friday based on a photo prompt from Madison. This is a fine way of tapping our creativity and having fun at the same time. I must admit though that this could be pretty time-consuming for me but I’m not going to quit.

Playing at Poetry. I wrote four poems, Mirage, Be There For Me, Eloped, and His Presence, three as my small contribution to the National Poetry Month (of the US, mind you) and one as a 100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers.

Book Reviews. Maybe I had better not plan anymore along this line, because I feel bad even admitting and writing that I could not read and review as much as I would have loved to. Almost negligible, really! The month of March was better in terms of the reviews I did.  Though I tell myself that it is no race, my reading and review pace are indications that I am slackening and I need to get up. Household chores, office work, meetings and well, erratic lights off (power supply) are no excuses, please! I was able to read only two books on my lists; Distant View Of A Minaret by Alifa Rifaat (Africa Reading Challenge) and Nicholas II, the Last of The Tsars By Marc Ferro (Back To The Classics Challenge and The Classics Club) . These two are yet to be reviewed so my mission there is not accomplished yet.

Statistics My statistics for the Challenges remain the same as of March, with the exception of the 2012 Reading Challenge.

Africa Reading Challenge:            1/5 (seven months to go)
Back to the Classics Challenge:   1/9 (seven months more to go)
The Classics Club:                      0/51 (four years, eleven months moratorium)
2012 Reading Challenge:            1/50  (This is something I’m doing for myself, to read as many books as I can for 2012, outside, the three challenges I’ve signd up for.) I dare not think of the implications here.

Blogging Even, though I scored low on reviews, I blogged avidly, making more online friends with similar interests and sharing information here and there. (what else is new?) I twittered a little as well.

Book-Buying Spree. Significantly for me though, I went on two separate book-buying sprees, updating my library of books for myself and the kids.

Emecheta Reading Relay On a happy note, I was one of the recipients of a Reading Relay organised by logo-ligi, the Emecheta Reading Relay, and won myself a copy of the Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta.

7×7 Link Award I was also a recipient of the 7×7 Link Award, by kind courtesy of Eva of gabrielsfury.

Hello May

So, Welcome May and what do you have for me? My first priority is to write reviews of the two books I’ve read. Then I would have to catch up on my reading and reviewing for the challenges, as well as do some more reading of African authors as I promised at the beginning of April. And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, again. Ciao!