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Welcome to Madison Woods‘ Friday Fictioneers based on her photo prompt. This week’s prompt was a difficult one, and I had a hard time coming up with a story of 100 words. Eventually, the poet and or romantic in me took over and here I am with a poem. Do enjoy this piece for your weekend, my friends.

Lost Without You
You touch my deepest soul
With your heart’s flow
Reaching out to heal my scars
That weep without your balm
Your body holds me captive
Your kisses so addictive
My babe; my heart-throb
Without you I’m lost
You sing, and ah, your voice
Cool dawn breeze, so gentle.
Caress me, and I am soft
Your smell intoxicates my senses
Yearning for your warmth
You have me reeling, dizzy
Your love engulfs my being
I am lost without you
Now, all I have of you
Is your old wallpaper
Above the room’s gloom
Silently peeling away
My memories of you
(c) Celestine Nudanu