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The best Mother’s Day present I ever received is a book prize, Faceless, by Amma Darko courtesy of Kwadwo of logo-ligi. As soon as I checked into my inbox this morning, there it was, ‘Celestine, you’re one of three winners of the Darko Reading Relay’ organised by his truly. Yet again? I was ecstatic. I never knew blogging could be so fun and rewarding; and indeed it is like opium, addiction is to put it mildly now. Though I’ve read Faceless in the recent past, (a friend lent it to me) that was before I started blogging and doing reviews, so I guess it would be a re-read for me. But never mind, my collection is heaping up and if my recent luck is anything to go by, then I’m going to be involved in logo-ligi’s Reading Relays more than ever.

So, dear Kwadwo, you’re going to have to say enough at one time or you’re going to be stuck with me forever.  A big thanks to you for making me a two-time winner.