Cold breath of ice
Sprays tattoos
On my body
Branding me
Her minion
Drawn to her steely gaze,
Disdainful, daring me
To succumb
To her magnificence
In reckless abandon.
I feel her sheet of ice
Hot against my body, 
Hot, real hot,
Molten magma,
Rapturous clash
Rippling thunder, lightening,
Causing a welcome rain.
Will it quench my fire?
For she draws me in
With her coldness
Freezing,  I am in agony
Drowning, in the pool
Of her ebony orbs,
Opaque, giving nothing away
Beautiful, dark, mysterious, 
She reigns
Ace over my heart
Her ripe lusciousness
Succulent in its fullness
Bold, pouting, inviting
Mocking, enslaving,
Under her spell
I am enchanted, forever;
(c) Celestine Nudanu