It would seem as if I am blowing my own horn as we say in Ghana, as if I am being vain, especially as I posted only yesterday about my Tell Me About Yourself Award. But I have to do the honours and graciously accept this new award once again. All I can say is that one’s deeds follow him/her, whether good or bad. In this case, I have been honoured for my frequent comments on various blogs though in all honesty this is quite not at the rate at which I would have liked it to be, commenting I mean.

Yes, I have received another award, The Commentator Award from Rose of http://aquaturtleme.wordpress.com. A big thanks and hugs from me to you, Rose, for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Check out her blog. You won’t regret doing so!

All I have to do now is go on ahead and nominate ten bloggers and pass on the award to them. No Myself Essay this time. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Who do you select or nominate and who do you leave behind? I use this opportunity to appreciate all my fellow bloggers who like, comment, follow, visit and support my blog in various ways. You all mean the world to me and without  you I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you, gracias, danke, merci, ‘medaasi’

Here we go:

* thelisteningvoice

* See.Williams

* VeehCirra

* Nifti’s Book

* Audrina1759’s Blog

* Coco J. Ginger

* logo-ligi

* Limeisbetter

* Lucid Gypsy

* mmmluck