The fun begins again or rather continues as the Fictioneers get busy. Thank you Madison Woods for this amazing fun every Friday. Dear readers and Fictioneers, have fun with this prompt from Madison, courtesy of Doug Mcilroy, as you visit other blogs too. A tough one if ever there was one!! Somehow, I have the feeling that I haven’t produced my best this time. You be the judge, dear friends.

My Pilot

He said he wanted to be a pilot, like his father. He loved airplanes, indeed anything that flew in the skies got him excited. As a child he watched the birds as they sped past and laughed at those that settled on the mango tree behind our house, chirping sweet but mournful tunes. Perhaps, the  mournful tone should have warned me. But he was only a child then.

Fulfilling his dreams, Kofi soared above the mountains, in his glory gliding dangerously above the glassy plateau until the crash. My son!