These words were inspired by the tragic crash on Sunday 3rd June 2012, of Dana Air  Flight Flight 9J-992 in Nigeria, killing all 147 passengers and 6 crew members on board.

Beyond The Horizon
It was only yesterday
You bid me farewell, 
Our lovemaking,
Setting me ablaze
Marveling at our passion
Marvelling at your touch
Soft, gentle
Your kisses, tender,
Drawing me in,
You could never let me go
It was only yesterday
You played with our daughter
Tussling her hair,
That Nana had braided
Looking into your eyes,
That come-hither look
Which you always say
Reminds you of me
Laughing, it un-mans you
She reached out
You could not resist
Pulling her into your arms,
Kissing her scrubbed cheeks
“Sweetie, I will be back soon.”
Her eyes lit up, trusting,
Kissing you back
Tiny arms encircling
You will be back
I watched you go,
My one and only
My pride in you,
Threatening to choke me
My handsome stallion,
My lover, par none!
You disappeared
Beyond the horizon
The plane carrying you,
But a tiny speck
And I could only cry,
Already missing you so
And then the news came,
The deafening crash
And search as I did,
The silence of your absence
Was the deafening crash
In the silence of my heart
There was only the murmur
Of your charisma
A whisper
That you once were
A tiny fluttering,
Almost imperceptible
The life that we created
On the eve
Of your departure
Rest, my love.
(C) Celestine Nudanu