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Thank God it’s Friday; the Fictioneers are at it again. Fun galore, though  I said on Madison’s blog that this photo prompt is a tough one. (In comparison to Doug’s of last week, this is quite manageable) I played around with different plots before finally reaching here. For the first time since I joined the FF, I exceeded my 100 words by 2. I tried so hard, but alas! Dear readers, visit Madison Woods for more wonderful 100 words to spice up your weekend. And now, my offering:


 “Listen Emily, I don’t have time to waste arguing with you. I’m late for work as it is.”

“Joe, it is important that we discuss this issue and reach a compromise.” Emily‘s voice was barely audible.

He could no longer mask his irritation. “You either agree for my son to move in with us or you don’t. Simple.”

“It’s not as simple as it sounds, Joe.”

The bubble had been hovering for months and now it burst. “You hate him, Emily, don’t you? He’s not yours!” The venom in his voice hit her in the face, like her barrenness.