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For a while now, I’ve realised that my life seem to be chaotic, not the creative chaotic type, but as in unproductively chaotic. That’s a bit serious, I admit, but it is the truth. I seem to be losing my grip on a lot of stuff around the home and even in the office. The three boys send me on a roller-coaster ride everyday and it’s a  sore sight to see the four of us in hot arguments over simple things like, ‘get your homework done’, ‘pick up your school uniforms from the living room floor’, ‘read over your notes for the quiz at church’ (as if I’m the one going to represent the Junior Youth of the Grace Presbyterian Church in this zonal quiz), ‘it’s your turn to do the dishes’, etc, etc. Dear Daddy ‘mercifully’ and ‘conveniently’ does a vanishing act at these bouts only to find him ensconced in the bedroom relaxing after the noise has died down.

Ha, as if this isn’t enough, the office is a continuation of the chaos. Deadlines to meet, frequent power outage that make it frustrating working with technology; angry bosses who seem to think they are running their own organisation instead of a public one. They lord it over everyone and this has me running round in circles trying to smooth things over.

And my blog suffers badly! It is a chaotic jumble of words, put together in an ad hoc fashion. I don’t seem to be able to organise it. Catching up on mails is real hectic, not to talk about visiting and commenting on other blogs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fun and exciting and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. But I’ve come to realise that I would’ve to sort through the chaos for some sort of order if I’m to survive in the blogosphere. I’m far behind schedule on readings and the reviews and though this isn’t a competition, the haphazard postings give the impression that I’m not serious. After, all this is a blog of books and literature.

And so, to cut a long story short, I took a cue from See.Willliams and decided to organise my blog for more efficient and effective delivery. To achieve this, I’ve come up with the following schedule:

* Mondays – Mails

* Tuesdays – Short Story Tuesday (Posting of reviews of short stories)

* Wednesday – Play at Poetry

* Thursday – Review of books lined up for Challenges/TBR (this would be when I’m done reading them, so there may be some Thursdays that there would be no posts on reviews)

* Friday – Good Old Friday Fictioneers

Saturdays and Sundays – Spend more time with the boys and hubby darling. This means no blogging, twitting or facebooking. I’ll also use these two days to catch up on my writing. (stories in progress). Of course along the line, I mean during the days lined up above, I could chip in other stuff as and when the need arises. (quite flexible).

This new plan of work takes effect from Monday 18th June 2012. So help me God!