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Yeah, it’s Friday. And the ‘craze’ is on. Thanks to Madison Woods’ great concept of a 100 word shot of short stories, based on a weekly photo prompt, the Fictioneers are busy again, their awesome imaginations churning out wonderful pieces. I’m noted for writing my stories outside the box; but today, I’ve done well by writing within the box. (ha!) Have a great time reading it, even as you follow the other Fictioneers  through Madison’s. Ciao


The path through the evil forest zigzagged before me and I felt dizzy. I was gripped with great fear as I walked on. It was dark and I carried only a pale flickering lantern, its dim glow casting dancing shadows of leaves and branches in my way.

 The elders and the priest had left me at the outskirts of the village, the gong-gong beater alerting everyone to stay indoors; I was not to be seen on my way to banishment.

My taboo baby twins were dead, sacrificed to appease the sacriledge. I had nothing to live for. The forest beckoned.

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