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Yeah, as we say in Ghana, ‘aluta continua’; the game continues unabated. Friday Fictioneers are on it again, thanks to the photo prompt by Madison Woods. Check her new blog out. It’s super! I don’t know whether it is exhaustion on my part, but this time, the words refused to flow and I had a hectic time coming out with these. I hope  the story is passable. Dear friends, I’m up for constructive critiques and comments. Thank You.

* This is an early post of my story, but certainly I will catch you guys up on Friday)

The Omen

I saw the damselfly the moment I stepped out of the shadows of the trees. I knew it was a good omen. Its movements were hurried, and as I watched it, the angry glare of the sun blinded me and for a moment I couldn’t see. Then swiftly the clouds shifted, covering the harshness, and I saw its gossamer wings shimmering and beckoning.

Mesmerised, I followed as it meandered its way among the rocks, over the streams that gushed out, hissing, spraying rivulets of cold vapour over his body, wedged between two rocks.

I smiled. My husband was alive.

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