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Chaotic Anarchy
Angry bolts rip
Through the skies
Majestic flashes
Of light
Streaks across
The darkness 
Searing, the deathly
Stillness of the night 
Shatters the thin
Crust of ozone
Heralding the deluge
As it weeps
In anguish
Over a wanton earth.
It is pouring rain,
A hailstorm of bullets
The storm
Rages on,
And Thor thunders
Roaring, wrathful
And vengeful, 
Is God angry?
Ever merciful
Ever loving,
The storm rages on,
Furious in its
Destructive mission,
Hurling, hurtling
Winds and waves
Katrina and Andrew
Pale in significance
Earth against
The vicissitudes,
Buffeting, pummeling, 
Man and edifice
Chaotic anarchy
Of the heavens
And earth
Is set ablaze
(C) Celestine Nudanu