Last week I could not take part in the Friday Fictioneers as I was so busy going up and down. This week, I just took a look at the photo prompt from Madison Woods and started to offer my take straight from the head without any thought to the form or plot of the 100 words. I do hope it meets expectations. Critiques are welcome please.


They came with unnatural speed to feed on the carcass that was her still form. Like buzzards, they circled round her, their nostrils flared up in ghoulish wonder at the sight that met their eyes.

Even in death, she allowed them to stare at her, in all her morbid glory. Her beautiful naked body, once irresistible to an adoring community of men now glistened in the eerie moonlight by the riverside, its wasted angles a reminder to them of what she had once been to them all. How they had yearned for her. Now, in death she was all theirs.

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