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It’s Friday again and the fun is on thanks to Madison Woods. These days my participation in the Friday Fictioneers has been on and off, due to my involvement in a project which gets me busy on Fridays. I am chancing it this week as I could not resist the prompt.

So dear friends, here we go. Do bear with me if the story is not up to standard; Ghana is in mourning for we have lost our President, Prof. John Evans Ata Mills. May his soul rest in perfect peace. A poem in his honour is here. If you could spare a few minutes, I should be grateful for a read. Thank you.

Aqua Madness

I told her that water is precious in my village; that we have to walk for miles and miles on end just looking for a clean stream to fetch water. Since the drought most of the water bodies in the village had dried up and the one or two that remained bubbly and flowing were polluted with dead livestock.

Sometimes after going days without any we had no option but to fetch the putrid water from the streams and boil for consumption.

My White and lovely girlfriend, Aqua Marie, stared at me as if I was mad. Of course, I was.

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