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I was inspired to write these words after a friend drove her partner to his untimely death with her coldness of heart and cruel treatment of him.

A Blight On My Memory

You hold me back
With your moans
My ecstasy
In your desire
Is flat
You hold me back
With your Tears
They hold
No meaning
For me
You pulled
My spirit 
From its shelter
You squeezed
The pulsating
Of me
You tossed
My soul
Like a bean bag
Up and down
Even as my blood
On your
Alabaster skin
Red hot
Not even
The mercurial heat
Could melt
The icicles
Of your heart 
I am a dry shell
Empty husk
Fit only as feed
For the fire
That once burned
In the hearth
Of your core
Burning for only
Let me be
Leave me be
Your tear drops
Are bloody pebbles
They shatter
And desecrate
The stillness
Of my new abode
Your fake wails
A pain
Machete sharp
A blight
On my memory
(C) Celestine Nudanu