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Friday Fictioneers, we are at it again and the fun continues unabated at Madison Woods. Thanks to the beautiful photo prompt by Maggie Duncan, I bring you a day earlier, my 100 word short story on the misty beauty of my Alma Mata, Aburi Girls Secondary School. Do feel free to critique, but gently please.

Light On The Hill

The grey dawn of the morning heralded the billowing presence of the mist as it rose gently and languorously up the hill, full and thick, enveloping trees, buildings and humans alike.

My school was not spared; she was bathed in this wordless wonder, stirring us awake as the cold dewy wetness hissed  kissing us into frenzied activity. The rising bell, hardly penetrating becomes a dull reminder of rules that must be obeyed as we trudged over the connecting bridge, our yellow and brown pinafore brilliantly stark against the misty hue.

Bepow So Hann! We are the light on the hill.

* Bepow So Hann is the motto of my Alma Mata Aburi Girls Senior High School,

Hills overlooking Aburi

Hills overlooking Aburi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

located in Aburi, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It means The Light On The Hill.Being a hilly area, Aburi is always cold and travellers passing through are fascinated by the rising mist of the dawn as it glides beautifully over the hilly terrain. The photo prompt sent me down memory lane and these words true enough, capture the students, even today, as they trudge over the bridge separating the main site from the annex, blurring with the billowing mist.

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