The fun is on at Madison Woods‘ today and thanks to the photo prompt by Stacey Plowright the Friday Fictioneers are at it once again. Join me, and them as you read their riveting 100 words prose or poetry fiction. My humble offering is below: (Try as I did, I could not reduce the words from 106 to 100). Critiques are welcome.

Harmattan Rain

I sat in the hut, trying in vain to ignore the rumblings in my stomach when I saw a shadow loom across the open slit in the wall, obliterating the hazy sunlight that was streaming in. The room darkened in response and suddenly I felt a warm breeze fluttering in, as I smelt the earthy irresistible aroma of the first drizzle.

Unusual, the harmattan had been ravaging for months now, shriveling our cocoa farms to nothing; the little livestock that were spared had since died from thirst.

Looking through the slit, I saw the angry clouds. The gods were finally smiling.

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