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Hello my friends, I have been missing in action for the past three (3) days and I missed you guys. I was not able to post my Haiku based on Birth and Hummingbird due to power cut in the part of Accra, where I live. The lights came on only yesterday around 7.00 pm and by then I was too tired and bored to do anything meaningful. So I am combining the prompt for Day Twenty-Four (24) of  September Haiku Heights Challenge, Paradox with the others. Please, humour me.

(1) Paradox

The streams hiss and kiss

Back and forth, over the rocks

Paradox of  love

(2) Hummingbird

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the winds fly south

So does the sleek hummingbird

On a freedom quest

(3) Birth

Screams of joyous pain

Ease me into a sweet world

I debut in style

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 



I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom. 🙂