Hi folks, I’m back on Friday Fictioneers after being missing in action for a while now. I must admit that I missed you guys during the break. Though I’m still busy I couldn’t resist the prompt by Sandra Crook. Thanks to Madison Woods, here is another opportunity for us to bring out our best in the fun-filled 100 words short story. (I exceeded the limit by a good 13 words). Kindly read on and offer your crits and comments. 🙂

My Dream

I had to pass through the woods to get to my destination. I didn’t know where I was going but it was imperative that I got there.

The branches of the trees hung so low that they scratched my face and arms as I passed by and I winced. At that instant, I missed the boulders that lay scattered across my path and too late, I tripped, hurtling face down. I could feel my face split open as the warm blood gushed out. For a while I felt nothing, only a numbness of the face.

But the searing heat and pain when I woke up told me I hadn’t been dreaming after all.

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