The Classic Club ย monthly meme is another fine way to bring members of The Club together. The question for the month of October is:

Why Are You Reading The Classics?

I guess I was reading the Classics as far back as the time I started to read and write, and throughout my growing up years when all I read were abridged versions. Having been colonised by Britain, Ghana’s curriculum was then based on Britain’s and therefore reading materials that were available in first and second cycle schools had leanings towards the Classics, in the more well-known genres of prose, poetry and drama.

As already said elsewhere on this blog, My mother made sure that I was never starved of books, more to the point the Classics, and I gorged myself on them, right up to the University where I studied English and Theater Arts. I must admit though, along the route, my joy in the Classics waned, and other more contemporary works took my fancy.

And so, as you have probably guessed by now, I am reading the Classics for the following reasons:

  • To revisit those wonderful tales that heightened my imagination and creativity when growing up
  • To get a better understanding and appreciation of these Classics
  • To expand my horizon and knowledge
  • I believe that the Classics contain worthy and beautiful values about life in general and it would be refreshing to be part of that old-fashioned and yet eternal world once again. What are your reasons?