It’s yet another Friday and the Fictionners are busy with their 100 words, thanks to Madison Woods and the interesting prompt from Jan Morril. Here is my humble offering. Crits and comments are welcome, please.

I want Out

I made my decision the moment Chris came through the door. He had that look on his face again; I had called it the fatal look the first time I met him, for I had fallen hopelessly for him when he had sliced my heart with that saber sharp glance full of mischief, mystery, and warmth.

Ignoring him, I made for the bedroom. Perplexed, he followed me and asked, rather tiredly. “What is it this time, Manuela?”

“It’s over, Chris. I want out.”

He laughed chillingly. “Oh, which way would you prefer, through the back alley, or the long drop from the roof top?”

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