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Dear friends, this poem is a reflection of the anguish I am feeling right now. There is so much power-play and corruption going on in a simple straightforward system like the Computerised Selection And School Placement System that places qualified Junior High School students into the Senior High Schools.


Look deep
Into my heart
You will find
A gash
So deep
It weeps
Blood and pus
Search deep
Into my soul
You will find
So raw
With the
Betrayal of ineptitude
Love is gone
Fairplay run away
Compassion disappeared
Empathy flew away
All jettisoned
When avarice
Took a seat
In the hearts
Of those
Who make
The rules
Sinking low
In the plushness
Of their greed
Yet they twisted
These same rules
To feed
The wantonness
In their bellies
Their gluttony
Never satiating
The gods
They worship
And when
They are full
The regurgitate
The dredges
Of the now
Mutilated rules
And insist
That we
Abide by them
All schools
Are schools
It is what
The child makes
Of his environment
That counts
Poor Child
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 

I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom 🙂