Flashback: October 

My dear wonderful friends, I’m sure you’ve all read about or noticed my infrequent blogging routine for the past few weeks and though I have mentioned it causally in one or two posts and comments on a few blogs I feel I need to give full reasons for that. You would also notice that I came out with a plan trying to bring some sort of order to my blog. I did a schedule that I followed religiously up to a point and then I reverted to the chaos that my blog was. I hesitated in writing up this post because I didn’t want the reasons to be misconstrued as excuses, but indeed, I owe you guys some explanations as I know that a few of you have been wondering what is happening to me.

Work: First of all, I have been given a new schedule at work that virtually leaves me with little time for anything else.

Poor Connectivity and Power Rationing: I am not able to use the little time I have on my  hands to blog because of poor internet connectivity both at the office and at home. My reading and blogging are affected by the power rationing going on in the country which would be over (hopefully) by the end of November.

Personal: I was busy running up and down trying to secure a senior high school for my eldest boy who had qualified but was made a victim of the corrupt school placement system in the country. I even took a few days off work to do this (yes, that is how serious it was) Thank God we were able to get him a school that is quite good, but not his choice.

And finally, my father is seriously ill with prostate cancer. He lives about seven or eight hours away from the capital city, Accra, where I am. I can get to him by inland plane (which is quite costly) or by bus (which is a tedious journey considering the poor roads). Since the diagnosis, about three weeks ago, I have been traveling to see him every weekend. I rush back by Sunday to prepare for work on Monday. Only this morning he was transferred to a nearer major hospital in another region (Ashanti) of the country for more tests and possible surgery. And when I say nearer, I mean about five hours from the capital city where I live. And I am travelling there tomorrow to see him.

It’s been quite stressful for me, as I am the first-born. He is a widower (his wife, my step mum died long ago) and he virtually lives alone with a younger brother who is also quite old. I have deliberately refused to let go of my emotions; I need a clear head to make major decisions on his behalf and even where his properties are concerned. I also refuse to think beyond his sickness and eventual recovery. I need him so much to get better and put his affairs in order, to right certain wrongs.

And but for the love of, and joy derived from my new-found passion, Haiku, my blog would have gone stale. I say this because my muse is just not there. I can barely string beads of words together to make sense. I need your prayers and well wishes, my dear friends.

Challenges and Reading Projects

There has been no significant improvement in the Challenges and Reading Projects I’m engaged in, so I will not bore you with the details. I have been keenly doing the Haiku, though. October saw me participate in one or two Friday Fictioneers before Madison Woods handed over to Rochelle. Since Rochelle took over, I have not participated more for the poor connectivity. (The internet will be on one moment off the next and this makes it quite impossible for me to visit other blogs and comment.

Hello, November

I could not attend the Evening with the Ghana Association of Writers scheduled for 4th November (my birthday) as promised because I had to rush back to Accra from pop’s place that day and I was so beat.

I’m praying hard that this month will favour me with the energy, muse, and the peace of mind, as well as the more obvious physical electronic blessings to meet my various challenges. God bless you all my dear sisters and brothers. Many hugs to you all. Shalom.  🙂