This is my first participation in the Friday Fictioneers, ever since Rochelle Wisoff-Fields ably took over the mantle. A good look at the photo prompt kindly provided by Sean Fallon and I knew immediately what to write. I hope you like it. Crits and comments are welcome. Try as I could, I didn’t make the 100 words, though. (106)

Battery Power

Finally, we were on our way to start our honeymoon. Sighing, I closed my eyes, reflecting on the loveliest wedding, as most of the numerous guests had said, eyes gleaming. I must have drifted off, for Kofi was gently kissing me awake and I realised we had arrived. The whole town was in darkness. Of course, the power rationing!

The bedroom was lit by a pale glowing lamp but I knew we wouldn’t need that. The electrical current charging between us was enough to light up the whole town.

Suddenly, the lamp flickered and died out. Reaching for him, I whispered, β€œCharge me up, handsome.”

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