So soon, the year 2012 has come to an end, well almost and everywhere in Christendom, Christmas is being celebrated to commemorate the birth of Christ. For me as a blogger I look back to March 2012 when I was introduced to blogging by my lovely friend Kinna and can only conclude with joy and satisfaction, that I with a little over 150 posts to my humble name, I have come very far.

I have no words to express what blogging has done to me, emotionally and mentally. I could not have done this without all my wonderful and lovely blogging friends out there. It is through your spectacular encouragement , support and love that has brought me this far and to you all I say ‘Ayekoo’. Well done, and a hearty thank you to all of you.

Christmas is a season of giving and I wish I could give you all physical gifts to show how appreciative I am of your friendship. There is one thing however, that I could do.

My Gift of Love

I give you the gift of love
I give you the gift of my heart
I give you the gift of joy
May your homes be filled
With careless laughter
May your homes be filled
With the sweet chimes
And waltz of Carols
May Santa make beautiful
Stop overs in your homes
May the crisp crusty smell
Of the Christmas pudding
Be the best ever
May the sizzling aroma
Of the Christmas Turkey
Fill the neighbourhood
And above all
As you celebrate
The Yuletide
With loved ones
May the joy and fun
Of the Season
Remind you
Of the eternal sacrifice
Of our Lord Jesus Christ
Even as  His peace
Remains with you
The New Year.
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu


I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom