This Friday happens to be the last time we will congregate for the year 2012, posting our 100 word fiction for each other’s enjoyment and well education. The prompt is by kind courtesy of Jean L Hays, and as usual Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, is the able and fine captain of the ship, that is the Friday Fictioneers. Please, find below my story. Feel free to critique and comment. Thank you.

The Business Meeting

(c) Jean L. HaysI was at the Cuppa Cappuccino, having a cup of hot, creamy coffee when he walked in. And my heart went zinnnnng……

Just one look at his sinful good looks and I knew this business meeting was a mistake

“Hi, Candace, you look good.” The dazzle of his smile reflected off the glass windows and I searched desperately for an escape

When I agreed to this meeting to conclude the merger of my company Nexus, with Spring Heights, I thought I would be dealing with the CEO from the US, not the local rep, my ex-husband, whom I desperately still loved.

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