Having been challenged by Susan to write a poem about the Faithless Husband, and in reaction to various comments on my poem The Other Woman, I have heeded to the requests. But, I have taken the liberty to stretch it a bit from  the point of view of the Other Woman.


With the confidence
Of a Colossus
He strides
Into my heart
Wooing me
With great panache.
He oozed charm and finesse
And I was doomed.
He dripped
Saccharine sweetness
And I lapped it up
Stealing  kisses
That were not mine,
I could only share
For I saw the ring too late
Loving him so
How could I say no
To my Casanova
With smooth dexterity
He manged me
And his Significant Other
Time will run out for her
He says.
Give me your body and soul
He cajoles
For the divorce
Will be final soon
And desperately
I cling
Her frantic frenzied calls 
Equaled only to
Our lovemaking
How significant is she now?
I ask, gleeful
But I could only gloat
For a while
The echoes of my calls
Making jarring
Notes in my ears
And easing out silently
That frenzied tempo
Creeps out and crawls
Into another woman’s bed
I welcome
Your faithless smile
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu


I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom