Jan '13 Mindful Writing ChallengeDay 17 of the Mindful Writing Challenge. I missed yesterday’s stone and so offering two stones today.

(#15) Love Affair

As the evening wore on

I lazed away, reading

Savoring each word, enjoying it

Loving it just as I would, slowly kissing

Tasting and inhaling my lover

I have a love affair with my romance novels

(Inspired by Letizia)

(#16)ย  Dancingย  Butterfly

I watched the dainty butterfly

As she danced her away across the room

Fluid, brightly hued, carefree, unhindered,

And certainly sexy in her sashaying movements

I don’t know where she waltzed from

For this Season is not for them

But I was captivated

Alas, for the gift of photography

To capture this unique moment in time.


Copyright ยฉ Celestine Nudanu


I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom