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Finally, I bring you a poem about the Faithless Husband, from his own point of view. (The last time I wrote Casanova from the point of view of the Other Woman) Mind you, since I am no man, I can only jump into the mind of the male and pretend to gnaw at his motives of gong after the Other Woman when he has his own Significant Other at home or at his beck.  So for all my male readers, pardon me if I gnaw too deep or scratch on the surface.

Adam’s Apple

Your haughty aloofness
Hissed at me
It struck me in the face
Challenging my ego
Your haunting beauty
Accused me of
My indifference
Breaking my resolve
Your sexiness
Urged me on
constantly stirring
unwelcome wanton
feelings in my loins
Oh, must I break my vows
Must I yield to this sweetness
A momentary madness
To calm my fevered soul
Passionate desperate kisses
Lavished on she
Who is at home
To obliterate the
Powerful image
Of the goddess
That has taken root
In my anguished soul
Only serve to heighten
My desire
To make her mine
And fuel my guilt
And so I wither
Where I should not
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
The Forbidden Fruit
Is so sweetly irresistible
And so like Adam
I fall with my Eve
But should I blame the snake
That hissed at me
For this is one apple
That I shall continue
To bite with sublime abandon
Until the juices run sour.
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu


I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom