Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the kind Lora Mitchell for making it possible for the Friday Fictioneers to once again have a go at 100 words flash fiction courtesy of the prompt below: Do feel free to critique and comment on my offering for this week. Thank you.

When the Heart decides

Copyright - Lora MitchellAs he droned on, I blanked out, not wanting to hear his bitterness anymore. This will never stop, I realised with a Β sickening feeling, gazingΒ  out of the window.

The scene below held me mesmerized; the town was washed in glittering lights and every home was bathed in hallowed glow. The gaiety of the festival season was reflected in the hearts of the home owners, I was sure of that. Unlike my heart, for the gall in his soul had seeped into mine.

Turning back, I switched off the TV set, my mind firmly made up.

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