This month, the meme from the Classics Club is for Clubbers to:

Tell about the classic book(s) they are reading. Clubbers can post about what they are looking forward to reading in May, or post thoughts-in-progress on their current read(s).

In last February’s Classics Spin, my number 14 was Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and since I could not complete reading it in April, naturally I’ve fast forwarded or rather postponed the completion to May. April was rather loaded for me personally so all my readings were postponed to beyond. This means that all reviews of books I’ve read since January would be posted after April and equally all readings have been slated for beyond April. Since i came back from my dad’s burial, I’ve been trying to organise  myself and my blog. But I digress.

Oliver Twist is a re-read for me (having read the abridged version as a kid) and so far I’m ‘enjoying’ it albeit in  a ‘shocked’ way. The Adaex World Classics Series version I’m reading was published by the Adaex Educational Publications based in Accra, Ghana. This edition which has 481 pages, was published in 2009 from the original, The Parish Boy’s Progress. It also has a biography of Dickens.

So far what I find striking and poignant  is the hypocrisy of religion portrayed by the parish’ crude, cold and cruel management of the workhouse/poorhouse where Oliver was fostered. In reality has this changed over the years? But more on this later in the review.