Guys, I’m so tickled and over the moon with joy. I sent a couple of Haiku to Dagda Publishing some months back, about five in all for consideration. Frankly I forgot all about it until a few minutes ago when I received this mail from Reg Davey, the Editor-in-Chief:

Hi, your haiku “Render” has been successful and shall be included in the anthology, Western Haiku: A Collection. Release date is 4th June, and proceeds from the sale of the anthology shall be helping to fund Scope, a UK mental health charity.

Me, Celestine, to have a haiku of mine published in an anthology. Oh la la! To God be the glory. One haiku is too many for me and so I just want to share this great news with all of you my wonderful friends who have encouraged and supported me throughout my blogging journey. Thank you so so much. WithoutΒ Haiku Heights I wouldn’t have been able to perfect my talent. Thank you Leo.

Such delightful news
Elixir to spur me on
To much greater heights

Shalom πŸ™‚