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Over the months, (did I say months?) Yes over the months, I have received many awards from wonderful blogging friends that I have not acknowledged. I must admit that sometimes, it feels lazy and monotonous to keep acknowledging these lovely awards. But etiquette and good neighbourliness dictate that you say thank you for every gift received, be it little or small. In the African culture, one wakes up at the crack of dawn to say thank you to anyone who brings you a gift, be it cash or kind.

A spine palm (Aiphanes horrida, Synonym Aiphan...

A spine palm (Aiphanes horrida, Synonym Aiphanes cyryotaefolia) in Aburi Botanical gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In that vein, I have been going round saying thank you, ‘me daase‘ to all friends, loved ones and sympathizers who mourned with me during my father’s funeral a couple of weeks ago, be it in cash or kind, all who traveled the long distance to support me, my co-workers, friends and mates from the Class of 1985 of my Alma mater, Aburi Girls Senior High School, and the Uni, my in-laws, relatives from my mother’s side,  (they were all there in their numbers). Since my return from the funeral I have been going round on weekends, with my husband and mother to thank all these wonderful people.  The co-workers received their thanks during the week-days.

I would be remiss if I don’t extend the same heartfelt gratitude to you all who have shown so much support and, extended so much love my way during my bereavement. I know I have skimmed the surface of my thankfulness in other posts, but we say in Ghana that ‘lots of fish and meat in a soup do not spoil the taste’. So do bear with me as I express my truest appreciation and humbling love to you my blogging friends. Like I keep saying to my ‘buddies’ in Ghana, such love overwhelms me. I promise that in due course I will post some pictures of the funeral on my blog. 🙂

Now, my deep thanks to all the lovely friends who have honoured me with so many awards over the months. I am truly grateful.  God bless you all.  The following bloggers are being honourably mentioned and if I have forgotten some, do pardon me. It is a genuine oversight. 🙂

  • Mary Okeke Reviews for the Sunshine Award. Visit her blog for truly inspiring and wonderful reviews of African literature
  • johannisthinking for the SHINE-ON AWARD. Jane is such a lovely woman. You will love her blog
  • RoxiStClair.Com for the Hope Unites Globally Hug Award. Roxi’s poems are awesome Do visit and read them
  • JUST PEANUTBUTTER N JELLY for the You Make My Day Award. Kim is a very special friend. This wonderful second blog for her grandson reflects her deep and abiding love for his truly.
  • Silentlyheardonce for the 2012 Most Influential Blog Award. Kim is super on this blog, you will read so many of her deeply felt poems and fine short stories
  • Maxima for the Blog of the Year Award Dear Stefan writes such beautiful  romantic poems. You will love them 🙂
  • MYOWNHEART.ME for the Blog of the Year and Liebster Awards. Len is a Christian blogger whose posts always inspire and uplift me to higher heights with the Lord. I truly love reading her writings.
  • It’sCrazyinHere for the Prolific Blogger Award. Visit this great blog for good and sensuous poetry.

Shalom 🙂