This is an earlier poem written over a year ago. Going through my archives I found it, read it and liked it so much. Then, I did not have a wide reading audience, now I do and I thought you would all love reading it, after a few modifications. 🙂 It is about my profound encounter with God. 🙂


His Presence

A heart out of the darkness
Reached out to touch mine
Filled with bitterness
My anguish real as I pine
Hoping not to be found
On life’s bleak mound
A kind whisper
Out of the shadows
Home, I call it gallows
Brushed against my brow
Wrinkled, with shame as I bow  
At how low I had fallen
Once, full of Me!
The softest of words
Spoken out of the gloom
Reached to my core
Beckoning me to rise and soar
Above the grime, and bloom
For, love has touched me
Love has touched my essence
And I will no more bleed
I am now in His Presence
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu