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PictureToday, I am joining the Ligo Haibun Challenge hosted by Managua of Cabin Fever. This is an excellent writing challenge that offers writers an opportunity to improve and hone their written skills. I encourage you to give this one a try for after following the writing trail for a while now, I have come to believe that it is worth the try.  For me also, this challenge offers me the opportunity to develop further love of fiction and haiku combined 🙂

The judges of this challenge, Penny included, look at originality, style, emotional resonance, lexical balance, relationship between haiku and prose and select an entry to award the prestigious Circle of Appreciation every week.

The haībun format  is as follows:

  • A paragraph (more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences) in prose form and
  • the haiku/collection of haiku related to the text to close. The haiku should be as authentic as possible, with therefore no syllable count, no capitals or full stop, all ideally making 220 word max, all-inclusive
  • each week there is a choice of two prompt words or phrases, or two visuals. Please choose one for our theme
  • wear the Ligo badge with pride on your blog! And pin the Circle of Appreciation to your blog too if it is in the haibun Honourably Mentioned in Despatches each week!
  • prizes are given on sporadic occasions – earrings, scarves etc..
  • submit a haibun for Haibun Today online magazine by going here

  So, here we go: I hope you find this enjoyable 🙂

PictureApples have an exquisite enticing quality. The roundness give the impression of succulent juiciness and the redness means only one thing; allure. Together they give the illusion of irresistible sex. Now, would Adam have had sex with Eve if the snake had not charmed and deceived her with the apple?  What if the snake had sex with Eve? Blasphemous thoughts, I know, but sometimes I simply wonder.

Looking back now, I realised the signs had been there all along but I was blind. You see, my sister loved the creepy slithering things to a fault. And I found that odd.  

The day we found a snake moving silently down the tree in our backyard garden, the glitter in her eyes had unnerved me so. ‘Do you have a destiny with these things?’ I had asked her in a rather shaky voice. She made no answer then but she had prevented the garden boy from killing it and we had watched as it crawled away, disappearing into the hedges. That night, my dreams were of scorpions, snakes and crabs and I had woken up shivering.

From then on I started to fear her, irrational, maybe. But too late, I noticed the attraction between my sister and my fiance.


saccharine smile so bright

she slithers ever suggestively

a stab in my heart