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PictureThis week’s  Ligo Haibun prompts are The sun or Childhood memory of summer camps. Well, since I’ve never been to a summer camp I opted for the first prompt 🙂

The Sun

She laid awake, her mind refusing to succumb to sleep. Shivering, she pulled the cover cloth tighter round her body, casting a disgusting look at her inert husband. His snore could wake the child they had buried only the previous week.

In the next room, her other four children were fast asleep; the night before she had fed them the last cornmeal. There was no more food and that meant only one thing. The fights would resume in earnest. Outside, the rain continued to fall with urgency and consistency, desperate in its bid to blot out much-needed rays. Sighing, she contemplated her lot.  Will the sun ever blaze in her life?

hollow eyes stare
mirror her desperation
Dying embers