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Last week, I got an honourable mention from Ligo Haibun for consistently writing good haibuns (two apart from this) 🙂 I say a big thanks to the judges for thinking my offerings worthy. This week’s challenge, a special one coincides with the Ligo festival in Latvia.

Going Home

‘Don’t play the drums of another land before you play our own’

My grandmother’s words came into my mind, unbidden, playing on and on like a broken record. What did I come here seeking? The vast stretch and lush carpet of greens gave me the answer. The trees whistled in wild abandon in response to the sudden gust of wind. I whistled back, happy, remembering home. Everything fell in place.

You see, in my land, men do not run around naked. That was the height of madness and it meant that you had been bewitched. But seeing those handsome virile men the day before at the fair as they strutted in their glory, I had felt some deep primitive stirring within me. Was that the secret behind this display? This feeling of oneness with nature that somehow made it all right?

Hmm! I wish I could have worn the crowns of wreath like the women I saw. They looked pretty, the luscious leaves creating a pretty contrast with their brightly hued dresses. Ha! Back home, we only wore leaves round our neck when we mourned royalty.

It’s time I went back home.


I am free at last
In tune with nature’s bounty
For naked I came