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PictureThis week’s  Ligo Haibun prompts are two photos, of a moon and well, some figurines I am sure :-). Another honourable mention, the third for last week’s Haibun that I wrote. I’m very grateful to all the three judges for deeming my work of some worth. Again, thanks to all my lovely friends out there who continue to support me in my journey of better writing.


blue moon

I have always had a love affair with the moon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no werewolf. Perhaps I had better re-phrase that. I love the full moon on a velvety dark night. The blueness of its light around the peripherals of darkness reminds me somewhat of the aureole around the smooth darkness of a pointed breast. And later when I first met my wife right under the moon’s radiance, those breasts, jutting out of the sheer flimsy garment she wore, assaulted my masculinity. She was my moon.

The first time we made love was under the knowing wink of the moon. We basked in its incandescence.

Now, Diane smiled sweetly at me, her luminous eyes huge in her ebony face. I gazed at the moon peeking through the solemn darkness as it started to blossom into fullness. There were no stars up there but that was fine with me. I had one in my arms, cooing softly.

ebony night
moon winks at my baby
I count my blessings