PictureThis week’s  Ligo Haibun has two choices of prompts for us: “Lost Moments” or “The earth has music for those who listen.”  [George Santayana]

I hope it is not becoming monotonous to say that I had a fourth honorable mention for last week’s haibun that I wrote.  A hearty thank you to all the three judges for mentioning  my work out of very high quality writings that were presented last week.  Again, thanks to all my  lovely friends out there who continue to support me in my journey of better writing. My choice is

Lost Moments

They always say in my village that ‘a thing for you never lost’; what is yours will surely come to you but in this case I knew the elders were wrong, probably because I also started on the wrong footing. You see, Roger was not mine to begin with. He belonged to Serwaa, my best friend. But I loved him with a passion that defied reason and the close bond between his wife and me. And for that matter he was mine.

Our meeting place was the wide expanse of greens in the forbidden forest. We loved on the plushness for hours on end, gazing into the skies with the huge boughs of the mahogany, odum, wawa and silk cotton trees providing shade. They nodded knowingly while powerful winds whistled our secrets; we felt safe. Or so I thought.

Much later, when Serwaa’s agonized and accusing eyes bore into my dark soul I knew I had lost a treasured friend. I had no words for her. And there was no moment for me to redeem myself. It seemed rather selfish and lame to drive the dagger home by saying, ‘I also love the man you love, Serwaa.’

heat of the moment
forbidden fruit becomes gall
selfish love