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Photo 2

This week’s  Ligo Haibun has two prompt photos courtesy of Padmini (Nightlake) and Penny. My choice is below:


She stood by the window gazing into the cloudy skies, seeking peace. Funny, but she had met Cyril on a day like this. The clouds were angry and had refused to ease up a little for sunshine to peek through. And she had thought that his dark looks matched the weather. A dark cloud now settled in her heart and only he could lift it.

She was so lost in thought that she did not hear him approach. He startled her with his touch on her shoulders. Ever so lightly but electric. She turned, and he smiled. She gasped. That smile and his sinful good looks always did that to her.

Picture‘My parents are waiting for us, sweetest.’ He read the fear in her eyes. Pulling her  gently away from the window, he kissed her.  ‘I love you, Madeline.’

I love you too.’ she whispered.

‘They approve of you, my dear. They understand that I love the gardener’s daughter.’

Surprised, her eyes wandered past his royal head to the clouds. To her amazement, the skies had effortlessly dispelled its gloom and the brightness now tugged at her heart.

daughter of the soil
I’ll jump over Everest
for you are my queen