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It’s Ligo Haibuntime. The prompts this week are Oblivion and Morning Glory. My choice is below. Do enjoy:


PictureYour love sent me to a place where there is no air to breath. I am eclipsed out of existence. I am erased.

Darkness descended over the horizon and my thoughts refused to let up on its bleak journey. I traveled on beyond rumbling mountains, over deep ravines and gorges that yawned wide, threatening to suck me into their wombs.

I creep and crawl, stripped of all that is human to make you see how I yearn for a taste of the nectar that is your lips.

And still I journeyed on, through the raging storm, crackling with powerful currents that seared my heart and burnt my valves into shreds.

The lights, the lights! Oh the lights, its dazzling intensity so strong, piercing through my consciousness. Slowly my eye flutter open.

“Yes, it’s me, Abena. I came back. ” He whispered. Sighing deeply, I closed my eyes and sank into sweet oblivion.

through the raging storms
lightening knocks on my heart
he’s mine forever