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Haiku for Recuerda Mi Corazon

During this time of the year, the weather in my country becomes cloudy and moody, with little or no rain but persistent drizzle, light or heavy depending on its whim. Popular culture has it that as this is the festival time of the Ga people of Greater Accra region, this weather (stretching from July through August and early September) brings in lots of fish, particularly herrings to enable the Ga people celebrate their festival, Homowo in style. (the soup accompaniment to the traditional food for the festival is prepared using lots of fish)

Anyway, today, there’s been some sunshine peeping through to dispel the gloom and I tell you, the birds are even happy, chirping louder. 🙂


sliver of rays

through moody clouds

the birds sing

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom