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The prompts at Ligo Haibun this week are two photos, a goat and penguins. My offering is based on the goat:


My marriage to Fifi ended the day it began.

The goat was to be slaughtered for the preparation of the feast that would climax the exchange of drinks between our respective families. Papa bought it with his life’s savings in the big market near our village and he had walked it home with prideful footsteps of the rich.

PictureThe goat was fattened for three moons; it lived on nothing but fresh grass and cassava peels. Every body marveled at its smooth and velvety hide. In my anguish I was the goat and when it disappeared mysteriously on the morning of the ceremony, I disappeared with it.  You see, I never loved Fifi.

tethered souls
bucking at customs
freedom calls